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Jacob H Gretna LA , United States

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About me

I'm a wierd dude who likes to listen to acdc all night long locked in a cellar. If you don't believe me, still imagine it...


I'm an outdoorsy kind of dude. Hunting and Fishing are the BOMB! I could ride out fishing every other morning listening to the radio like a rock n roll fool.


I love ROCK. Any kind of rock too (except the new age rockers... except Black Tide). Fave bands - Megadeth, Iron Maiden, ACDC, Kiss, Judas Priest, etc.

Movies and TV:

I'm not really a TV kind of guy. Other than football...
Movies on the other hand... I love old western movies, James Bond, Lots of Sci-Fi stuff like Star Wars, you get the picture.


I really like basketball, and baseball is a close second. Football is my favorite sport to watch.


I can draw awesome. Most of the stuff I draw though is like fantasy stuff...


This about sums ME up!


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